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Tue Oct 3 09:51:29 CDT 2006

Thanks for the comments.  Yes, I do believe we are reinventing the wheel
here to some degree.

I looked quickly for some information on sound cards at that site, but
didn't see it yet.  I will investigate more.  Every time I try to find Linux
and Linrad-related info, I get so bogged down that I forget what I was

What I think is missing is a single location that has done a consistent and
thorough study of the sound cards available today.  That is what I suggest
we can do.  If there already exists a location that shows the price,
interface, dynamic range, freq response, acutal quality, etc.. of sound
cards, then we do not need to do the work.  I haven't found that yet.

Down here in SC, I think Mel and I will probably end up using Linux and
possibly Linrad as the software development platform of choice.
Unfortunately, it seems to have a much steeper learning curve that the
Windows-based platforms, hence my current playing with PowerSDR.

I like Linux, having used it since 0.95, and I used to compile kernels,
write simple code, and the whole bit.  Having been out of that experience
for a few years, I am very rusty, and have found it difficult to get back
into it.  Between the various distros, windows file managers, programming
tools, etc, my head is spinning.  It was much easier when there was
Slackware, one X, and GNU C.  Now, just to load GNU C becomes an afternoon
exercise.  This is one reason I need others, such as Mel or Maitland the
help.  But, I rant.

I'm glad you sent this, as we can look for the information.  If the previous
experimenters science is good, we don't need to waste time doing it again.
Also, it's another pointer toward doing things in Linux and Linrad.  Are you
interested in playing with us as well?

Thanks Chuck.

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> Terry et el:
> I find the discussion on this reflector about pc-based sound cards and the
> application in SDR to be a bit of history in the remaking.  For about six
> so years this same topic has been thrashed around on the LINRAD and
> reflectors.  There is an incredible amount of information, some empirical,
> some laboratory based, on the Delta44 and other cards being used by
> experimenters for SDR.  I'd recommend starting here
> and reading some of the work Lief and others have done in this ongoing
> search for the "perfect" sound card for SDR applications.
> Chuck
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> >I think there are several programs out there to help with analysis.  I
> >think
> > the one that was used to check SB LIve 24 vs Delta 44 is readily
> > available.
> > I can do more research if you need it.
> >
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