Fw: [softrock40] Tayloe Firefly SDR Kits Now available in 20 meter version.

Terry Fox wb4jfi at knology.net
Tue Oct 3 13:47:27 CDT 2006

FYI.., Terry

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Subject: [softrock40] Tayloe Firefly SDR Kits Now available in 20 meter version.

Guys, we now have the Tayloe FireFly SDR Kits available on 20 meters in 
addition to the 30 meter version previously announced. Same price, 
$60.00 details at www.qrpkits.com. The manual covers both 30 and 20 
meter versions. When you place your order, please send an email to me 
at ki6ds at dospalos.org specifying which band you would like, 20 or 30 

For those of you who have previously ordered we have a 20 meter mod kit 
available for $10.00 + S&H of $2.00. These will not appear on the web 
page. To order by paypal, send the $12 directly to me at 
ki6ds at dospalos.org and ask for th 20 Meter SDR Mod kit.

Transmit coverage on 20 meters is 14.042 - 14.058 MHz. The receiver 
covers 24 kHz on both sides of 14.058 MHz. If you would like to look 
at the manual it is at www.qrpkits.com. 72, Doug

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