Tacos Digest, Vol 44, Issue 7

Michael Chisena ka2zev at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 3 22:08:03 CDT 2006

Hi guys,
  Now your speaking my language.
  We had some R&S spec an's when I was doing the warlock project. (ECM for our trucks in Iraq). They were good for what they are. Then again you diden't need a wonderful analyzer to see if your jammer was working.
  I have at home another HP analyzer like the one described below.
  Fair enough to say, I am not using it at the moment, and perhaps one of you can get some value out of it until I return.
  So if any of Team Taco's wants to borrow it, get back to me at
  ka2zev at IDON'TLIKESPAMyahoo.com
drop the caps and I will arrange with Joanne for a pick up.  Ive got the 1G plug in, and a tracking generator. I had it on for about an hour, it seems to be fine.
  Some day I will need it back.
  Thanks all
  Mike in Kuwait.
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Message: 1
Date: Tue, 03 Oct 2006 21:48:27 -0400
From: Andre Kesteloot 
To: Terry Fox 
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Terry Fox wrote:
>> I found this email, originally for work. The company LP Technology makles
>> some useful spectrum analyzers for a good price. A 1GHz base unit for
>> $2,700, a 2.7GHz base unit for 3,900. Adding tracking generator, stable
>> oscillator, etc increases cost. See attachement for price list. Web site
>> is www.lptech.com.
>> As we play with HF and RF, the need for a decent analyzer increases.
I have put together, with Frank K0BRA's help, a spectrum analyzer that 
covers from 100 kHz to 110 MHz
It consists of (from top to bottom, see attached picture)

- hp 8443A Tracking generator and Counter
- hp 141T Display
- hp 8553 RF Section
- hp 8552B IF Section

It works very well, and we could certainly use it for our current 
planned HF experiments.
I have been thinking of moving it to Frank's lab, where it could be used 
by all the members of AMRAD

André N4ICK
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