Fw: [softrock40] potential SDRzero interested amateurs

Terry Fox wb4jfi at knology.net
Wed Oct 4 17:50:49 CDT 2006

FYI... Terry


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From: Rein A. Smit 
To: softrock40 at yahoogroups.com ; demarco at usp.br 
Sent: Wednesday, October 04, 2006 6:25 AM
Subject: [softrock40] potential SDRzero interested amateurs

Hello All,

For those who like to know more about the SDR0ne project:


I received the following message from, João De Marco, PY2WM and
João asked me to communicate this to the rest of us.

Dear Rein,

Edson and I did begin setting up for the PY amateurs, lately we've been 
directing our efforts towards a wider group and the SDRZero kit is being 
sent to some countries in Europe, also Japan and the US.

That's the reason for the brief summary in English; We intend to 
translate all pertaining text.

The basic kit costs US$46 and this includes foreign shipping. Everything 
is included, from components to wire and solder (less antenna jack), you 
only need tools (a small soldering iron with a fine tip is recommended) 
and possibly a head band vision auxiliary magnifier. There is also the 
"complete" option with a small aluminum epoxi painted box and SO239 
antenna jack. We designed it with the experimenter in mind.

We are presently developing a QSE companion transmitter.

Unfortunately I'm not able to receive payments through Paypal or credit 
cards (brazilian legislators are dinosaurs relatives!). I have received 
payments through Western Union (they charged the payer 4.9 Euros and 
delivered in 2 days) and Xoom (https://www.xoom.com/) which accepts US 
credit cards or Paypal; they charged US$6 and also delivered the payment 
in 2 days. So far Xoom seems the best option on my side as they credit 
directly in my account.

One more point; I'm leaving to London on Oct/9th and will be back on 
Oct/20th. I'm expecting the arrival of a parts order and will resume 
sending kits after Oct/20th.

Let me know of any doubts. Could you please forward this message to the 
others who might be interested in the kit? Thanks.

Regards and 73,

João De Marco, PY2WM


73 Rein W6/PA0ZN

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