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Fri Oct 6 22:47:26 CDT 2006


Hopefully, if this comes to pass, the undersecretary will choose some 
knowledgeable folks to put on the Rural Broadband Advisory Panel that 
will see the folly of using BPL for transmitting broadband over rural 
type distances.  Certainly, the folks at the Electric Power Research 
Institute we have talked to would point this out. 

WiFi and other such technologies should do the trick for far less cost 
per mile covered.  BPL can only make a cost effective system when 
installed in a highly dense urban setting with a majority of Internet 
users subscribing for the service. 

Better yet, the whole Undersecretary of 
whatever-foolishness-is-politically-expedient-at-the-moment will only be 
a momentary case of gastro-indigestion.


Andre Kesteloot wrote:
> Nan and Sandy Sanders wrote:
>> Sounded good until it got to the BPL part. 
>>     Sandy
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> I particulary liked :
>> The bill would establish an Office of Rural Broadband Initiatives at 
>> the Department of Agriculture and create an Undersecretary for Rural 
>> Broadband to be charged with coordinating several rural broadband 
>> grant and loan programs aimed at encouraging broadband infrastructure 
>> investment in underserved rural areas.
> There is nothing to solve a problem  that can beat the creation of yet 
> another UnderSecretary of Something
> André N4ICK
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