[Farmnet] Power supply, trip

A. Maitland Bottoms aa4hs at amrad.org
Sat Oct 7 20:30:16 CDT 2006

The item I brought to Tacos is an
HPS-1a Gamma Hybrid Communications Power Supply

I've also been playing the peak/average power
supply game using the PWRgate:
which also seems to allow the use of a beefier
transmitter with a smaller power supply.

Lawrence Stoskopf writes:
 > The Gamma Power supply works well so far.  I popped the top and checked out
 > the caps:  NessCap 2.7v @ 25 F.  Five in series.  Forgot to look under the
 > board to check out the voltage equalizing resistors.  Fan runs for 4 minutes
 > at least after the AC is cut.  Switcher is standard small 5 amp sized.

scroll down for interesting notes...


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