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Iain McFadyen mcfadyenusa at
Mon Oct 9 00:10:50 CDT 2006

What would we need at the AID2/3 station, if the van will be deployed to a
relay site?

I may be able to free up the older Red Cross Hummer, which is about to go for
a total refit. But at the moment it still has high current DC wiring to the
tailgate area, and a 1kW Inverter installed. But it doesn't have a mast. There
isn't much passenger accomodation inside either. But the transmission/engine
tunnel makes a fairly convenient PC desk for the two rear passenger seats.

Remember that the AID2/3 station needs access to at least two voice nets in
addition to the data link, so some form of antenna array in addition to the
data link will be required. 

There may be a possibility of putting a relay station on Rock Creek Parkway,
on the bridge right above our assigned location. 

The other location is a couple of hundred yards SE of our assignment, where Q
street NW crosses Rock Creek on a high bridge. Between that bridge, and the
Oak Hill Cemetery just slightly to its West, is the most likely spot.

I have got the Kenwood D-700 working in packet mode again. A little rusty with
the commands, but it seems to be working well.

Iain  KI4HLV

--- Frank Gentges <fgentges at> wrote:

> Tom,
> Perhaps we should consider putting the van and its tall mast at the 
> relay point and put some lesser vehicle at AID 2/3.

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