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Terry Fox wb4jfi at knology.net
Mon Oct 9 12:39:59 CDT 2006

FYI... Terry

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Good Morning All,

v6 transceiver 

This weekend I have combined the v6 SoftRock receiver with the one- 
watt exciter designed by the UK design group, (G0BBL, M0PUB and 
G8BTR), into a one board single band transceiver. The board size is 
3.5 inches by 2.4 inches with all circuits fitting comfortably on 
the board. Certain economies result from putting both RX and TX 
function on a single board such as getting rid of the header/socket 
pairs to connect between multiple boards and using a shared group of 
74HC74 devices for dividing the oscillator signal by 4 or 8. The 
single board will have all the functionality of the proposed three 
board SoftRock/exciter stack.

I think the single board approach could result in a little SDR 
transceiver kit priced around $40 as compared to a SoftRock plus 
exciter board stack that would come in at a total cost of closer to 

I would be interested in your thoughts on going this route instead 
of the three board stack for the v6 transceiver.

Two cautions are that production of the v6 exciter still waits for a 
positive conclusion that the performance meets FCC requirements for 
spurious emissions and kit cost goals can be met.

Thanks and 73,
Tony KB9YIG 

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