Fw: [softrock40] v6 RXTX Transceiver beta kit

Terry Fox wb4jfi at knology.net
Mon Oct 9 12:59:54 CDT 2006

Here is the email I meant to forward...  for those of you interested in the soft rock exciter, its now both Tx and Rx on one board.  Prototype orders being accepted by Tony at $38.00, for 40 meters.  Paypal to raparks at ctcisp.com.

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Sent: Monday, October 09, 2006 9:56 AM
Subject: [softrock40] v6 RXTX Transceiver beta kit

Good Morning All,

I am in the cleanup phase of the board layout for the v6 RX-TX kit 
and have gone through an initial costing exercise. It looks like a 
v6 RX-TX transceiver kit could come in at a price of $38 for the 40m 
kit. This would be the US/Canada price with postage included. The 
DX price would need to be $39 to help cover the additional postage 
cost for DX mailing.

The v6 RX-TX transceiver is a single board SoftRock receiver mated 
on the same board with the v6 exciter. The exciter design is from 
the UK design group of G0BBL, MOPUB and G8BTR. The board size is 
slightly smaller than a standard playing card at 3.5 inches by 2.4 
inches and should be capable of up to 0.8 watts output CW, (with 
proper heat sinking of the 2N3866 output transistor), and a little 
less for higher duty cycle modes. Band coverage should be at least 
+/- 20 kHz from the crystal controlled center frequency with a 2 kHz 
gap in coverage around the center frequency. The center frequency 
options for the beta kit will be 7.055 MHz and 7.159 MHz

Recent measurements on prototype v6 exciters indicate that meeting 
the FCC spurious emissions standard should be possible with help 
from the SDR software to correct for circuit imbalance relative to 
sideband suppression. A change to an elliptic LPF for the PA output 
filter should help in making sure higher order harmonics are 
properly attenuated.

I am quite interested in trying this new "transceiver" kit design 
and would like to invite others to try it also. The plan is to 
offer forty v6 RX-TX beta kits at $38 for US/Canada and $39 for DX. 
Beta v6 RX-TX kits may be ordered by PayPal to me at 
raparks at ctcisp.com and the kits will be mailed out near the end of 
next week. Kit documentation, schematic and bill of materials, will 
be posted later this week.

Thanks for the positive comments a number of people have sent 
concerning this kit effort. 

Tony KB9YIG 

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