Some sound ard testing

Terry Fox tfox at
Tue Oct 10 09:50:24 CDT 2006

Frank and others:
I haven't found the software that Duncan Monro used to do the testing of SB
cards yet (site:, but here are a
few ideas.

The DL4 site has Spectrum Lab.  It can use either a sound card or other
device.  Obviously, using a sound card to test sound cards is questionable
at best.  A dedicated A/D & D/A independent of any sound cards would be

Dazy Web site has some software-based test equipment:

Rightmark audio suite.  Look at RightMark Audio Analyzer (RMAA):

True Audio TrueRTA, has a simple free version, then one that adds features
that cost $$:

There are more tools out there, but these are ones I have bookmarked in the

I just broke down and ordered a used Sound Blaster Extigy (USB) sound card
via ebay, and a new M-Audio Delta 44.  Both should be available fot testing
at some point.

All for now.

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