Fw: [softrock40] Beta v6 RXTX board map

Terry Fox wb4jfi at knology.net
Thu Oct 12 09:40:30 CDT 2006

Latest from Tony Parks on Soft Rock transceiver kit.

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Good Morning All,

The circuit board for the beta run of v6 RXTX kits is now in the 
final check and boards will be ordered this afternoon. A new board 
map pdf has been placed in the v6 RXTX folder within the v6.0 
SoftRock folder.

An additional feature suggested by Jan, G0BBL, is to provide two 
crystal mounting locations on the board with a jumper plug selection 
of which crystal is being used. The beta kits will provide three 
crystals with the following 40m band coverage:

28.06 MHz crystal for center frequency of about 7.014 MHz to cover 
from bottom of band to about 7.035 MHz on both RX and TX.

28.224 MHz crystal for center frequency of about 7.055 MHz to cover 
from about 7.034 MHz to about 7.076 MHz on both RX and TX.

28.636 MHz crystal for center frequency of about 7.158 MHz to cover 
from about 7.137 MHz to 7.179 MHz on both RX and TX.

Beta kit shipments will be toward the end of next week. Additional 
beta kits are still available at $38 for US/Canada and $39 for DX. 
Prices include the postage costs.

I am behind in acknowledging the beta kit orders but will try to get 
that done today.

Thanks and 73,

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