Static, and the Downy trick

Iain McFadyen mcfadyenusa at
Sat Oct 14 21:04:02 CDT 2006

Those stalwarts to made it to Tacos today had a brief conversation about ways
to kill static on carpets.

My comment was (i) to humidify the room, and (ii) spray carpeting every couple
of months with a trigger spray bottle filled with a 10:1 mixture of water to
liquid Downy (non-perfumed). 

Having damaged two Yaesu CD-15a drop-in chargers for my VX-5R in quick
succession (I heard the zap each time as I dropped the radio into the
charger), I now spray the area in front of my 'shack' table every couple of
months, and didn't have another loss during last winter. I also try to keep
the humidity up, using portable humidifiers.

Having a few moments spare, I Googled for any comments on this method of
killing Triboelectric charges ("Static").

There are a large number of 'hits' for this method, many mentioning Downy
specifically, or the use of "Static Guard" aerosol spray. 

Those people who suggested Downy talked of ratios varying from 50:1, down to
1:1. It mixes better with warm water, but once mixed, the spray can be used
cold.  I guarantee that the 1:1 mixture will froth when sprayed! I'd go

I should also tell you that in the telecom environment, we humidify our
telephone exchanges to between 55% and 70% RH. In the exchange rooms, we also
put down long carbon-composite mats down each aisle, which have a metal
connector at one end, and which are earthed to the station earth bar via a 1
MegOhm resistor. Not practical for my living room though  :-(

Are there any other suggestions from the wider group?

Iain   KI4HLV

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