Fw: Fingerprinting Beer Drinkers

Andre Kesteloot andre.kesteloot at verizon.net
Mon Oct 23 08:53:36 CDT 2006

Paul Rinaldo wrote:
> The end of civilization as we knew it 
> http://www.theregister.co.uk/2006/10/20/pub_fingerprints/

so, let me see if I understand what has happened.  There has been a 48% drop in drink-related 
violence in pubs that have this system (must be a comfort to the woman who was raped in the toilet of the one), 
there has been an unquantifiable increase in domestic violence in the same period
(gee, I wonder where the guys who got turned away from the pubs went and
what they did when they got there!), and the police are unable to count
how many "minor" calls they have had to pubs since the system was
installed (a major call being when 15 or more constables show up, so
presumably a minor one is where 14 or fewer show up), and there is no
way to evaluate the system's effectiveness.  

Is that correct?  Well, it certainly puts my mind to rest.  It reminds me of the slogan of the
National Bowling Congress a few years back:  Let's get our kids out of the streets and put them in the alleys!


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