Control your house... by APRS?

Mike O'Dell mo at
Wed Oct 25 09:16:22 CDT 2006

Andre Kesteloot wrote:
  I am not sure that each of this function is not already handled by
> simpler means (timers, clock radios, thermostats, X-10, etc), which 
> would explain why the market has never really accepted more complicated 
> systems.

Huh?? "not accepted" ??? there are a lot of people making a lot of money
installing home automation systems, either in new construction or retrofits during refits.

interestingly, General Electric has been quietly buying companies in the space
to launch an entire "Intelligent Home" business unit.  GE doesn't do that unless
they can be number one or two in a sector and they need a plan to show
several hundred million of revenue with positive cash flow in at most
two years or so.

that argues that a lot of somebodies out there have "accepted it" for some
definition of that term.


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