WWV watches

Terry Fox wb4jfi at knology.net
Sat Oct 28 09:57:36 CDT 2006

I believe its the 60kHz WWV signal.  I have had one for at least three years
(Casio?), and it works well wherever I am, including travel around the
country.  Here on the east coast, you have to be careful how you lay it
down.  I usually prop it up on its wristband.  Laying it sideways, or
doubled-up sometimes doesn't work.  But, it regurlarly sets itself while
inside a drawer near other stuff.

I sort of remember reading in the manual that it uses 60kHz from WWV.

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> Let me ask AMRAD group a question.
> A friend showed me his WWV wrist watch and said it would update any time
anywhere from WWV.  I disagreed and said that yes, something with a 1 inch
antenna might at some time of the day might just get a strong enough signal
to update, but that I doubt it couild update on demand, becaue there are
times when the band is no good.
> But inside the building he pushed the button and it updated in under 4
minutes which is the specified time to get a setting.
> I suspect this is not HF WWF, but must be some commercial signal carried
on an FM broadcast statio or ssomething?  Anyone have any ideas?
> Bob, WB4APR
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