"small and good" antenna

Mike O'Dell mo at ccr.org
Sun Oct 29 08:54:07 CST 2006

Kevin P. Inscoe wrote:

> My favorite sync software (I don't use ntpd any longer)
> http://www.thedjbway.org/clockspeed.html
> http://www.thedjbway.org/clockspeed/marktime.html
> http://www.thedjbway.org/leapsecs_update.html
> http://cr.yp.to/proto/utctai.html
> http://cr.yp.to/y2k.html
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> Kevin P. Inscoe                       Amateur Radio Call Sign: KE3VIN
> Deltona, FL 32738                                28.9497N by 81.1952W
> kevin [at] inscoe [dot] org                    http://kevininscoe.com
> GPG 0x61288D53

i do not use or recommend djb software.

having dealt with djb more than a few times
in official capacities as an IETF Area Director
and having experienced the grief he's inflicted on
operational systems with the Revealed Truth of his
refractory pedantry, i am not counted among his fans.


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