"small and good" antenna

Robert E. Seastrom rs at seastrom.com
Sun Oct 29 18:07:32 CST 2006

"Mike O'Dell" <mo at ccr.org> writes:

> i do not use or recommend djb software.
> having dealt with djb more than a few times
> in official capacities as an IETF Area Director
> and having experienced the grief he's inflicted on
> operational systems with the Revealed Truth of his
> refractory pedantry, i am not counted among his fans.

to echo mo's comments, my stock answers when asked about djb software

1) there's only room in my life for one sociopathic "free" software
author who saddles us with odious licensing terms and i'm already an
emacs user.

2) i have nameservers in london, ashburn, and palo alto.  i share the
joy by secondarying a couple of thousand zones for about 20 entities
(people and businesses, been doing this for about a dozen years).  i
have had more issues in terms of zone transfers breaking or otherwise
going out to lunch with the two people who run djbdns than with
everyone else combined.  the "liberal in what you accept, conservative
in what you send" maxim is utterly foreign to him.


ps: i took a look at that time synchronization software you sent a
pointer to; it seems to me that used in the mode he recommends amounts
to disciplining your pc's clock with the piece of bimetallic strip in
your thermostat.  no thanks.

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