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Robert E. Seastrom rs at seastrom.com
Sun Oct 29 18:19:24 CST 2006

"Mike O'Dell" <mo at ccr.org> writes:

> Peter Lothberg is the craziest True Chimer I know - he's
> the only civilian i know with a Hydrogen Maser that he uses
> to discipline a set of cesium clocks.
> http://www.stupi.se/Time/

Not only is Peter highly unusual in that he has privately owned stuff
that contributes to TAI, but he's told me his mean deviation is
usually better than NIST's.  Cool.

Peter is also the only person I know offhand with OC192 into his house
(the one in Sweden, not the apartment in Cupertino).  With the
proliferation of 10GE these days I'm sure I'll have other friends with
similar connectivity soon enough, but all Peter has to do to up the
ante is get in some of that 40-gigabit stuff that Cisco's shipping
these days.  Just when you think you have a prayer of "keeping up with
the Lothbergs"...

Peter is SM4KEL / W4KEL


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