AMRAD Dumpster Dive Saturday

Frank Gentges fgentges at
Thu Nov 2 19:47:55 CST 2006

AMRAD has been offered the opportunity for members to attend a 
pre-dumpster session at a warehouse near the lab so members can take 
whatever they like before the rest goes into the dumpster.

This gear was specially built for the 800 MHz range as prototypes for a 
special large scale test.  It includes some DSP chassis, some RF chassis 
with internals built by Interad Ltd.  Lots of SMA cabling and little 
boxes sealed up with gosh knows what inside.  I do see some MiniCircuits 
SMA splitter boxes.  Some if not most of this gear is in 10.5 inch rack 
mount boxes fitted with fans and nifty drop down doors in the front.  
Once stripped of its insides the boxes could be a basis for all sorts of 
RF and Computer projects.  There are about 35 various rack mount boxes 
like this so everyone should get one or more to take home.

There are some Lambda power supplies, GPS receivers, and all sorts of 
odds and ends inside too.

The plan is to meet at tacos and then convoy out to the lab and thence 
to the dumpster dive site.  Here is a chance for everyone to stock up on 
lots of good pieces for winter projects. 

I really hate to see any of this make it to the dumpster and we have 
been offered a great opportunity to prevent this.

Frank K0BRA

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