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Robert E. Seastrom rs at seastrom.com
Thu Nov 9 17:26:13 CST 2006

It's actually not appreciably close to the north end of 1L.  That's
why they're going to have to move it for the new runway - it's far
enough from the existing 1L that the "new" 1L can be put there.  I
think the horizontal separation requirement is 1000 feet but don't
quote me; google didn't find it.

Anyway, the mast on the truck pales in height compared to the WSR-88D
radar that towers over the site.  Not that we shouldn't check first
with the folks at NWS, but I don't anticipate that this will be a

Richard Barth <w3hwn at comcast.net> writes:

> Sounds good.  It occurs to me that the NWS site is right at the end of
> one of the Dulles runways.  In fact, it was supposed to move so that
> the airport can expand.  Is there going to be a problem putting up the
> mast?  Will we need special lighting?  Something to consider in
> advance.
> Dick
> At 08:28 AM 11/9/2006, Frank Gentges wrote:
>> We will operate at the Sterling NOAA site.  I meant to forward the
>> request as follows:
>> SKYWARN Recognition Day is coming up the first weekend in
>> December. We are going to put a special focus this year on making
>> contact with as many counties in our County Watch Area as possible
>> on VHF. We will also have our standard HF operating positions also
>> up and running as usual.
>> I was wondering whether the AMRAD van might be available to host our
>> VHF operations? We would be able to equip it. We are hoping to
>> utilize additional operating areas, other than the conference room,
>> for more aggressive communications this year.
>>Randy W4XJ
>>SKYWARN Amateur Radio Coordinator
>>Richard Barth wrote:
>>> Sounds interesting.  As a card-carrying (but inactive) skywarn guy
>>> and retired NOAA employee, it sounds right up my alley.  I gather
>>> we'll be operating at the Sterling site.  Will be be operating
>>> exclusively from the van, or setting up shop in the NWS facility as
>>> well?
>>>At 11:17 PM 11/8/2006, Frank Gentges wrote:
>>>> AMRAD has been asked to participate in SKYWARN recognition day on
>>>> December 2, 2006 with our van.  It seems like a good idea and I
>>>> think we should do it.  The Sterling Weather site is just a short
>>>> drive from the lab.  See
>>>>for more information.  Also see
>>>>for an article on the ARRL web site about last year.
>>>>I'll need some help if we do it.  Any volunteers?
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