[Fwd: Re: SKYWARN Recognition Day]

Robert E. Seastrom rs at seastrom.com
Thu Nov 9 19:58:19 CST 2006

"Robert E. Seastrom" <rs at seastrom.com> writes:

> It's actually not appreciably close to the north end of 1L.  That's
> why they're going to have to move it for the new runway - it's far
> enough from the existing 1L that the "new" 1L can be put there.  I
> think the horizontal separation requirement is 1000 feet but don't
> quote me; google didn't find it.

replying to my own mail here, the magic numbers turn out to be 4300
feet and 2500 feet.


horizontal separation of 1R and 1L at dulles is on the order of
6000-6500 feet.  the complex at LWX is about 3500 feet west and 2000
feet north of the threshold of 19R.  A runway built 5000 feet west of
the existing 1L/19R runway would have its extended centerline pointed
at the intersection of Thunder Rd. and Weather Service Rd.


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