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There will be several operating positions for SKYWARN Recognition Day. We
will have a comm trailer (from Brian WC4J) running HF and Echolink/IRLP, two
operating positions in the NWS conference room for HF phone and digital, and
HF CW at the SKYWARN desk in the operations area.

My hope for the van is to run an aggressive VHF/UHF operation this year on
FM and SSB. I would like for us to try and contact as many counties in our
county watch area as possible, to see what our capabilities are. Contacts
can be through repeaters as well as simplex, so we can go after all of the
longer reach repeaters.

Hope this helps!


Randy Sly, W4XJ
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National Weather Service, Baltimore/Washington
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Sounds interesting.  As a card-carrying (but inactive) skywarn guy and
retired NOAA employee, it sounds right up my alley.  I gather we'll be
operating at the Sterling site.  Will be be operating exclusively from the
van, or setting up shop in the NWS facility as well?


At 11:17 PM 11/8/2006, Frank Gentges wrote:
>AMRAD has been asked to participate in SKYWARN recognition day on 
>December 2, 2006 with our van.  It seems like a good idea and I think 
>we should do it.  The Sterling Weather site is just a short drive from 
>the lab.  See
>for more information.  Also see
>for an article on the ARRL web site about last year.
>I'll need some help if we do it.  Any volunteers?
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