spare mast pieces available ?

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  No Injuries In 9 News Truck Mishap - 11/23 -  DCRTV hears that a Channel 9/WUSA technican failed to lower the 65-foot microwave mast as he drove away in a news remote truck. The mast hit the metal cross arm for a pair of traffic signals in Herndon Tuesday. The mast broke, but no one was injured. Luckily, the mast didn't strike power lines, which could have produced deadly consequences. The incident occurred at the intersection of Ferndale Avenue and Herndon Parkway, at the site of a fatal pedestrian hit-and-run, which 9 News was covering. Besides extensive damage to the truck, the traffic signal pole and cross arm had to be taken down and replaced by two temporary wooden poles with wire strung between them to carry the traffic signals. Herndon expects to bill Channel 9 for the repair work. According to a station source, several safety features which might have prevented the mishap were not installed or activated on the truck. No word on any disciplinary action against the WUSA employee.....


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