Soemk Real Beauties...

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I am cuurently working on an all-band all-digital HF receiver.  It uses 150
CK-722 transistors to make a home-brew DDS LO, and another 275 CK-722, 33
1N34A, and a flourescent digital readout from an old DMM as the control
logic.  Direct frequency entry can be input from a rotary phone dial.  I was
messing with the 2N21, but found that the beta was a little low at 10

The audio driver is a 2N107, 2N170 push-pull pair.  I know it's more modern,
but I was trying to keep at the leading edge.  Sounds real good when driving
an Edison speaker.

I can bring it to tacos, but someone else will have to bring the 24V @ 50amp
battery.  Two car batteries will do.

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