Board Director position and misc.

Terry Fox tfox at
Fri Dec 1 18:39:02 CST 2006

Ian and Tacos:

I have been asked if I would like to run again for the AMRAD board, and I
would be glad to.  Even though I am no longer in the DC area, I can still
contribute.  In fact, I am doing more experimenting now than the last few
years.  At the moment, I am playing with all the factions of SDR technology.
I also continue to experiment with homebrew test equipment, PICs, etc.

However, I don't want to take a position that another contributing AMRADer
might want.  If there is someone else in the club that wants to push the
technology envelope, I would happily stand aside.  But, in my opinion, that
person needs to be willing to do something significant.  Be it DSP, SDR,
multimedia, digital modes, or whatever, we need someone that will jump in
and move us forward.  Sitting at tacos each week and discussing politics or
1920's tube technology is already being covered (too well).

For the last few years, AMRAD has become more of a social club, and less
involved in technology.  Yes, I realize we ahve been doing some LF, and
emergency comms, but amateur technology is marching forward.  For example, I
believe HF SDR technology is just BEGGING for AMRAD to participate in.  If
not that, there are other challenges our club could meet.

AMRAD was founded to support experimentation with amateur radio.  We need to
continue that experimenting, lest we atrophy to arguing over how many
postage stamps the club should buy, or Roberts Rules of Order.

In summary, I am actively designing, modifying, writing, SDR stuff and test
equipment.  I would like to participate in Propnet as time allows.  I want
to look at new HF techniques (I still want to work with Hal and others on HF
links).  I would like to continue on the AMRAD board, and believe I can
contribute a lot.  But, if you would like to pick up the gauntlet and my
challenge above, let Ian, myself,  and others know.

Thanks for the time, and I hope you all have a great holiday.  I plan to be
in DC December 20-28, and will be at tacos.

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