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Andre Kesteloot andre.kesteloot at
Fri Dec 1 20:52:12 CST 2006

* ARRL still seeking data on mobile emergency communications vehicles: The
League's National Emergency Response Planning Committee (NERPC) continues to
invite responses from clubs or groups having access to an emergency
communications vehicle (ECV). An initial appeal was included recently in The
ARES E-Letter <>. If your group has
an ECV and has not yet participated in the survey, please have someone take
a few minutes and be a part of this effort. The Committee's response to the
ARRL Board is due in January. A number of responses have been received to
date, but the Committee wants to collect as much information as possible to
develop its report. As of November 29, clubs and groups had entered 29 ECVs
into the survey database. Most ECVs are owned by individuals or local
governments, 14 have portable repeaters onboard and another 25 have their
own power generators. This information will help determine what assets are
available and help in planning for future disasters. To participate, visit
the Emergency Communications Vehicle Survey Web site
<>. Thank you for assisting in this project!

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