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Frank Gentges fgentges at mindspring.com
Sat Dec 2 06:49:01 CST 2006


Thanks for the info.  Mitchell Electronics sent me an email several 
years ago and seemed to really want business from hams for individual 
transformers.  Now it looks like they have changed.  Nice tip about Sager. 

I want to update our web page on this info.  Hopefully in the next few days.

Frank K0BRA

Fred and Karen Jones wrote:
> Frank,   This is really a comment on parts for the Active LF Antenna 
> in Sep. '01 QST (I'm a little behind on my projects).  
> The original Signal Transformer DP 241-4-24 is available from Sagar 
> Electronics ( www.sager.com/ <http://www.sager.com/>, 800-SAGER-800)  
> for $11.96.  I'd first tried Mitchell Electronics per the information 
> in your power supply list on the AMRAD web site but they wanted $50 
> for one and $100 for two.  I'm not sure if there's anybody else as far 
> behind as I but might be useful information for them.   Thanks for the 
> article, design and notes on the AMRAD page.   Fred, WR7Z   PO Box 
> 2235 Newport, OR 97365
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