Finally, aCoffee Resistant External Hard Drive!

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  I-O Data Device's Mobile External HDD Endures Water up to 1-M Depth

Dec 01, 2006 19:11

Test under water


When connected with notebook PC



In mid December 2006, I-O Data Device, Inc. will release the "HDMC-U 
series" mobile external HDD lineup, which boasts high resistance to 
water and shock. With a waterproof rubber material wrapped around the 
HDD inside the outer body, water is prevented from penetrating into the 
HDD to a depth of 1 m. If the HDD gets dirt on it, it is possible to 
gently rinse it off with pure water. The HDD is also shock-resistant 
against a fall from height of around a pocket on the chest. The company 
said it confirmed the HDD's normal performance after a total of 26 times 
of proving tests, in which the HDD in off mode was dropped from a height 
of 122 cm against each surface, line and corner (6 surfaces + 12 lines + 
8 corners).

The company assumes the HDD will be put in a pocket or such to carry 
data. The company developed this product to address the reported cases 
in which customers accidentally dropped USB memory and other devices 
used in a similar way as an external HDD into water in a toilet, wash 
bowl, etc.

The HDD features a USB 2.0/1.0 interface. It measures 52.0(W) x 59.5(D) 
x 18.0(H) mm.

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