Amateur radio podcast: Solder Smoke

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Sun Dec 10 02:40:30 CST 2006

"Terry Fox" <wb4jfi at> writes:

> <Begin religious wars>
> I use my iPod video witha  standard Windoze XP computer.  Don't need no
> stinking Mac.  I still don't understand what fruit has to do with computers.
> At least they are no longer rotten at the core (get it, now using Intel
> chips...)

Yeah, just think of the 10s of thousands of applications that the Mac
can't run (I believe there is a database at

> Had a Mac, got frustrated looking for the second mouse button,

Here in the future, two button USB mice work as expected, just plug
them in.  Or buy a Mighty Mouse from Apple and turn on the second
button in the control panel.  And while you're at it, note the
superior scroll wheel with two degrees of freedom...

> got rid of
> it.  It's so simple to use, even a caveman can use it...  oops, wrong
> commercial.  Caveman could only use charcoal on stone walls.  I'd love to
> see them using the mouse on a rock wall.  Yes, a real mouse.
> <end religious wars><grin>

I don't try to talk people out of their masochistic tendencies; they
get something out of the pain that I simply don't understand.  Enjoy
your Windows...



> Terry
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>> Terry,
>> Thanks dude! Now I have something to do with the iPod-Nano
>> that I won in a raffle at school. I just could not bring
>> myself to give it to my teenage daughter.  Now I just need
>> a Mac to run it on. Anyone got a spare they might consider
>> donating (or selling cheap) to a struggling (48 years
>> young) bachelors degree seeking college student?
>> Dave - KB3EFS
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>> > Anybody listen to this regularly?  I just ran into it.
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