Amateur radio podcast: Solder Smoke

David A Aitcheson - KB3EFS kb3efs at
Sun Dec 10 15:22:24 CST 2006

FYI Guys,

My daughter has confessed to trying to manipulate me into getting her a
SUPER MAC for christmas.  Now I need to relocate those lumps of coal that
I had my hands on a while back.  She might appreciate them more now than
she did 14 years ago when she was 3.


Terry Fox wrote:
> Thanks guys.  I hope you all realized I was just kidding.  The implication
> that an iPod can only be used with Macs sounded like Mac-enthusiast hype.
> Then, the caveman commercials got into it, and before you know it, fun was
> had by (almost) all.
> I cherish my Mac times.  Yea.
> Regarding the real meat of the email  I did try again,
> and it came right up.  W3HXF, I suggest you try again.
> Happy holidays.
> Terry

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