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The U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission (USCC) in its 
annual report, released Nov. 16 said that China has moved its cyber 
warfare strategy from a defensive to a primarily offensive posture. The 
strategy targets enemy networks and seeks to disrupt an adversary's 
ability to access information. The plan focuses on U.S. command and 
control systems and systems that deliver precision munitions. In 
response to U.S. progress, China has developed mobile command and 
control centers that use wireless technology and satellite communication 
to relay battlefield information. "It's very clear from the doctoral 
writings of the [People's Liberation Army] that they take cyberwarfare 
as one of the main ways they must be ready to attack the United States," 
said USCC Chairman Larry Wortzel in an interview. "Their overall 
doctrine holds that a modern war in the 21st century involves cyber 
warfare, electronic attack and warfare in space." China has a 
significant cyber warfare capability with cyber warfare regiments, and 
engineering and electronic warfare schools. Wortzel says, "China may be 
a potential or latent military threat, but the cyber war is on."  An 
attack on U.S. computer systems at the Commerce Department's Bureau of 
Industry and Security last month was traced back to China. The Bureau 
had to replace hundreds of computers. In May, four Chinese Americans 
were convicted of illegally exporting sensitive technologies involved in 
radar and electronic warfare to China. The Defense Department's 2006 
report comments on the Chinese advances in cyber warfare and claims that 
China is developing the ability to launch pre-emptive attacks against 
enemy networks. The PLA calls its plan "Integrated Network Electronic 
Warfare" which incorporates computer network operations with electronic 
warfare, kinetic strikes against C4 nodes and virus attacks on enemy 
systems.   [FCW <> 1Dec06/Rogin]

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