Fwd: an electronics query

Richard Barth w3hwn at comcast.net
Fri Dec 15 20:30:59 CST 2006


My son Kevin is looking for information on a certain printer 
cable.  Apparently it's an oddball variety that a friend of his needs 
to replace.  Any suggestions as to a source or specs?


>I have an all-in-one HP Printer (C8383A) and HP doesn't have a parts 
>department that sells this particular ribbon cable. This cable 
>connects to the scanner head and then directly into a circuit board. 
>The information I can get from the ribbon cable is that it is made 
>by Sumitomo. The ribbon writing on the cable is as follows; 20624 
>80C 60V VW1-F. The cable measures 20.1 mm in width and 700.5 mm in 
>length with 20 alloy contacts that are reinforced with flexible blue 
>plastic backing. Please let me know if you have an equivalent ribbon 
>cable that will work for this printer. If you have anything other 
>questions, which I know that you would, please contact me.

Richard Barth *** W3HWN(at)ARRL.NET *** Silver Spring, MD 

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