Welfare Extras

John Teller jsteller at spottydog.us
Sun Dec 17 20:24:34 CST 2006

I've hung on to my Advanced ticket because I had to pass the 13 WPM test 
to get it.  I had my code speed up to 20 WPM when the Welfare Extra 
license came out - it just didn't seem worthwhile any more!

--- JST

Mike O'Dell wrote:
> the only disappointment in this blessed event is that i'll no longer
> get to sign as a "Welfare Extra" (meaning a 5wpm "Extra"). I overheard
> two geezers at the Quarter-Millennium Brass Pounders stand at a hamfest
> bitchin' about "these new Welfare Extras" not long after the 20 went 
> to 5.
> i figured that if they were *that* annoyed by it, i'd give them
> every opportunity to piss and moan about it. (heheheheheh)
>     -mo
>     N4NLN - Welfare Extra and proud of it

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