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Mon Dec 18 23:18:49 CST 2006

I agree with your choice. 

I recall getting an atomic energy kit when I was a kid.  It included a 
sparinthascope and radioactive source where a piece of foil was sealed 
on a plastic disk with screen wire.  My best recollection was the foil 
was Polonium but then maybe it was something else.  I am sure I could 
get that screen wire off if the foil was needed for some important mission.

About the same time an anti-static brush came out with a piece of 
polonium foil under a grid.  Its purpose was to kill any static charge 
so the brush could remove all the little dirt particles from a piece of 
photographic film.

Actually,  the 10 toys should all be on my Christmas want list for fun 
and adventure.  Its like being a kid again.


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