FW: RE: Re: Fwd: Microwaves & RF UPDATE December 21, 2006

jsteller at spottydog.us jsteller at spottydog.us
Fri Dec 22 10:31:26 CST 2006

Or how to properly quench a spark gap for that matter.  I do have a tractor  that can be started that way.  I always use the starter though, and even converted it over to 12V.  I'll probably have to mount some weights up front, which will block the starter hole any way.  I love Morse though, if I ever get back into HF, it will be QRP CW.

--- JST

>It's more like "not requiring the skill of using a hand-crank starter
>without breaking your thumb" to get a driver's license.  Sure, there
>are people who have cars that are started that way; they enjoy them
>very much and there's nothing wrong with that.

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