TACSAT launch from Wallops Island.

John Teller jsteller at spottydog.us
Wed Dec 27 22:21:53 CST 2006

I saw pictures of that TACSAT at NRL when we were integrating the 
current TACSAT 1...

--- JST

Glenn Baumgartner wrote:
> You guys don't remember the REAL ...TACSAT.. UHF milsatcom bird of the 
> 60's.. weighted close to half a ton as I remember. Three Monster helix 
> antennas,   IT was THE FATHER of all UHF military  (Fleetsat, LEASAT, 
> UFO, etc) and civilian satellites....more or less....since the NASA  
> ATS -1 and AST -3 birds were actually VHF 149 and 136 MHz and they 
> really were first. These latest "TACSAT" birds are not the real 
> thing.. but then again the REAL TACSAT  (first one ) didn't glow in 
> the dark either did it!! Rats!  Oh well those who cannot remember 
> history are doomed to repeat it.  Not all bad sometimes.

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