Spam ? - Re: TACSAT launch from Wallops Island

Richard O'Neill richardoneill at
Thu Dec 28 18:50:05 CST 2006

"You guys don't remember .. ATS -1 and AST -3 birds were actually VHF 149 and 136 MHz and they really were first."

 Don't remember??? I certainly do! In the early seventies I commanded daily picture taking operations for the weather bureau with those two now ancient spacecraft at the Satellite Operations Control Center in Suitland, Md. I may still have the original command codes somewhere in my files along with a lot of other now useless historical information. I wonder if that old bird would still respond? Might be worth a try.  ;-)  VHF was useful in its day but even then we were using S-Band for high rate data from more advanced polar orbiting S/C.

Richard O'Neill

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