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This looks interesting.  Phil Covington is doing some really good work 
and I must agree: Do I have enough CPU to handle the QS-I?

I found the note on Phil's web page about Linux kernel interesting but I 
don't know enough yet on this aspect.  This might break the logjam 
between the use of a dedicated DSP and a general purpose computer and 
operating system.  With the right strategy, we might get enough 
throughput to use a PC and Linux.  I am convinced that Windows is a 
non-starter.  Now we need to examine USB to see how much it can handle 
and when it becomes the long pole in the process.

If I understand it right, the Pentium CPU with MMX can handle a lot of 
very serious matrix operations very fast. Intel has hidden its power 
from mere un-anointed mortals.  We need to learn how to harness this 
co-processor power for SDR DSP use. I think there are some FFT routines 
they put out there without describing the power they have.   Right now, 
it is buried under too many layers of compilers and operating system 
gorp to access clearly.  We need some help from the software people to 
help us figure out how to get there.

In the end, we might be only a very few steps away from a big step 
forward.  We need someone with the vision to strip off the crap.


Terry Fox wrote:
> This is mighty interesting!  Depending on filters, etc in software, this
> could be really cool.  Direct reception via A/D converter, no sound card
> stuff.  I want to see what the software looks like...
> Terry
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>> Now that is a Happy New Year announcement!!
>> I know we are all VERY proud of Phil Covington N8VB for his
>> "QuickSilver-I Receiver" announcement.
>> next generation SDR Rx bp filter direct to ANALOG TO DIGITAL chip! No
>> QSD/ISD/soundcard! very high speed ADC to DDC to your PC via full speed
>> USB 2.0 (wrap your mind around that!)
>> Note: some of the remarkable capabilities are the TWO INDEPENDENT
>> Receivers on the same board - so can you imagine two displays, one
>> Main-1 with Sub-1 and the other Main-2 with Sub-2! with each one
>> covering a bandwidth 1Khz to 33Mhz (that is right, MEGAHERTZ).
>> You got enough CPU to handle it OT?
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>> Subject: [soft_radio] New Software Defined Receiver soon to be available
>> Date: Sun, 31 Dec 2006 22:52:37 -0000
>> From: Phil Covington <p.covington at gmail.com>
>> Highlights:
>> ----------
>> 16 bit 130 MSPS ADC   <------------------------------
>> HPF, LPF, RF AMP Switchable Front End
>> 0-31.5 dB Attenuator in 0.5 dB steps
>> Cyclone II FPGA
>> Two AD6620 DDC co-processors   <---------------------
>> USB 2.0 480 MSPS High Speed Interface to PC
>> 0.1 to 33 MHz coverage (0.1 to 65 MHz extended)
>> RX bandwidths from 33 MHz to 1kHz
>> Two independent RX channels anywhere in 0.1 to 33 MHz (main+sub)
>> 6.00" X 4.00" board size
>> Single +12V 1A supply
>> Open Source Software and Hardware    <---------------
>> Prototype picture and preliminary info at:
>> http://pcovington.blogspot.com/
>> Soon to follow QS1R will be the QS1T transmitter board.
>> 73 de Phil N8VB
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