Spam ? - Re: TACSAT launch from Wallops Island

Robert Bruninga bruninga at
Mon Jan 1 10:00:57 CST 2007

> "You guys don't remember .. ATS -1 and AST -3 birds were 
> actually VHF 149 and 136 MHz and they really were first."
> ... wonder if 
> that old bird would still respond? Might be worth a try.

A few  years ago they were still using it for phone patches to
the southpole for 8 hours a day or so.  You could hear it with a
LONG yaggi on 137 MHz and good preamp, but it was marginal.
Better to have a pair of crossed Yagii's but that is a big
investment.  The transponder is under the control of the U of
Miami for voice traffic with the south pole last I knew.


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