Fw: [softrock40] RXTXv6.1 update

Terry Fox wb4jfi at knology.net
Wed Jan 3 09:57:42 CST 2007

Here is the info on the production RxTx SoftRocks from Tony Parks. Paypal to raparks at ctcisp.com (I believe - verify).

Group:  would the 40/30 meter version be of interest, or the 80/40 version?  I have ordered the 80/40 version for now.

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Good Morning All,

The RXTXv6.1 kit parts are in hand except for the 1000 circuit boards 
that are due in on January 17. I will start sub-kit production later 
this week to be ready to fill the 120 or so kit orders now on the 
books as quickly as possible when the circuit boards are available.

Additional kit options will be available near the end of January to 
include a 40m/30m kit and a 160m kit. 

The 40m/30m kit will have a center frequency of 10.124 MHz on 30m and 
by changing the crystal jumper plug, JP2, a 40m crystal will be 
selected. The 40m crystal selection will be made optional to the kit 
buyer for either a 7.014 MHz center frequency or a 7.055 MHz center 
frequency. If other 40m center frequency options are desired, please 
let me know and I will see what can be done. TX tuning range from 
each center frequency will be just slightly more than +/- 20 kHz due 
to soundcard line-out BW and noise limitations.

The 160m RXTXv6.1 kit will have a center frequency of 1.844 MHz and a 
second center frequency,(to be determined later), nearer to the lower 
edge of the band. Again, let me know of other center frequencies 
that would be useful.

All RXTXv6.1 kits have a price of $32 US/Canada and $33 for DX where 
each price includes the postage cost. Special crystals will be an 
extra $2 above the standard kit price.

Again thanks to the UK design team, (G0BBL, M0PUB and G8BTR), and a 
number of others for making the RXTXv6.1 kit possible.


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