Fw: [softrock40] CPU/Sampling rate question

Terry Fox wb4jfi at knology.net
Fri Jan 5 15:20:51 CST 2007

Here is an interesting comment.  Maybe a 1GHz comptuer would be gud enuf for SDR, if Windows is streamlined.

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Steve... wrote:
> Hi Guys,
> I'm happily using my SR6.1 with a 48 kHz sampling sound card. When 
> running, the CPU is up to 80% most of the time.
> If I move up to a 192 kHz sampling rate card, do you think my CPU be 
> able to handle it? 
> Thanks!
> Steve...K4IKM...

At 80% utilization I'm surprised that you are not getting audio 
glitches, 96KHz sampling with take you to 100% utilization and audio 
dropouts, never mind 192KHz

I would concentrate on getting that CPU utilization down to under 50%, 
if upgrading your PC is not possible, then cleaning out Windows is an 
area that I would look into.

I have a PC dedicated to SDR use, it's a dual Pentium III PC running at 
1000MHz, it utilizes 5% to 7% of the CPU running the Flex software V1.3 
I hear the new Version 1.8 eats even less CPU, that is with the 
pan-adapter, and all the trappings running, sampling at 96KHz.

The reason I mention this is because it used to run at over 50% spiking 
to 70% under the same software and hardware setup.

What made the difference? I created a new profile on the PC, and started 
turning off all utilities and processes that I did not need for running 
the SDR software. I turned off networking services, firewall, 
anti-virus, and all other unneeded services. The results were dramatic, 
the CPU usage is nice and level with no spikes of usage. Since I made it 
a new profile, when I boot I make the decision how I want the machine to 
run, "normal" with everything running, or "skinny" with only the things 
necessary. All my applications work since the neither profile affect 
them, the big difference, is when I'm on skinny" mode I have no access 
to the network and Internet and the machine runs a lot faster.

While on "skinny" mode I have no access to the Internet so, anti-virus, 
software upgrade, firewall services are not needed and the PC is quite safe.


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