An interesting view of the hidden cost of Vista

Andre Kesteloot andre.kesteloot at
Mon Jan 15 12:20:38 CST 2007

Frank Gentges wrote:
> As a matter of fact, it does not look like a good system to run a word 
> processor under.  Way too many processor cycles seem to be devoted to 
> solving HD TV problems I don't yet know I have.  
Microsoft wants you to learn about these problems  :-)
Yes, that's a very famous analysis, and it made the phrase, "the longest 
suicide note in history" synonymous with Windows Vista.
> Why should I be forced to go out and buy a supercharged 3+ gig gaming 
> machine just so I can run Microsoft's latest word processing package?
I assume that in a year or two, all new  computers will be pre-loaded 
with Vista. That is the problem .
> I have better options.
MicroCenter is now offering lower-priced desktops with Linux. Could this 
start a trend ?
(Interestingly, there were no laptops pre-loaded with Linux)


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