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Michael Chisena ka2zev at
Tue Jan 16 12:44:45 CST 2007

Hi all,
  Status report.
  I have six working radios and about that many names of guys who want them.
  This week I'm going to test the control heads, speakers, cables and microphones. The little stuff.
  What I need now is data.
  If you know the proper PL tones for various repeaters in the area, I kinda sorta need them now.
  I want to load out the radios with as much correct data as I can. 
  Yesterday I purchased the latest repeater guide, so I will be including that as well.
  Once the units are delivered it's going to be a bear to keep up with the various 'rev's'. For a while at least, it would be nice to say, 'switch to channel 63, and it's the same for one and all in the series.
  Assume these are going to be pure ham radios, I tried the Red Cross channel but the VCO's don't stretch.
  At this point Ive got about 40% of the 320 channels loaded.
  Are there any frequencies you want slid in for 
  ARES / RACES stuff?
  Virginia co ordination stuff?
  Nearby counties and states.
  Friends repeaters in other states to work when 'skip is in'??
  Calling home on a 'private channel' to say "honey put dinner on"
  Anything else?
  Remember these units support CTCSS and DCS, you just got to let me know what code you want where.
  Is there or can AMRAD get a six meter co ordination pair? Or a future six meter input to the club repeater? Just ideas at the moment.
  Ive got the scan and the priority buttons to work, so the radios will search if commanded to.
  All the transmitters make at least 110 watts. All the Rx are 12 db sinad for .3uV. It's about as good as they get.
  Remember these are commercial units. And are a little different than factory made ham radio stuff is.
  If mounting them in a mobile is going to take work.
  You will need a premium antenna. 
  I don't like the idea of mag mounts on antennas as tall as a 1/4 wave at 52MHz, so you got to be thinking of an NMO body mount.
  Ive got the proper drill bit for a Larson 3/4 inch hole base NMO, and the other style takes a 3/8th's hole. (got that too)
  You will also need a battery tap to where ever you mount the radios. 
  Usually in the trunk. I strongly urge use of a 35 to 50 amp fuse near the vehicle battery. The radios pull about 20 to 25 amp in transmit.
  If you can swing it, get a remote mounting kit for a big car stereo amp. Figure about 200 to 300 watt class.
  I don't have microphone clips. 
  Ive disabled the 'hang up' feature in the radios since the microphones were not wired that way front he factory.
  If you guys can do some preliminary stuff like run the power cables, I can help you with tuning the antennas with the VSWR analyzer and some of the mounting stuff. Got a good collection of drill point screws to share out.
  With the kit you will get a 
  Control head
  Remote speaker
  Cable from front to back. (this is a big one and will be hard to install, so care must be used)
  Radio mounting bracket
  Radio Power cable (this may be a bit short, varies w/ radio)
  Frequency chart.
  I'm going to try and put Anderson Power Pole connectors on all the power cables for you..
  So depending on what we can 'get away with' in the parking lot we might have a station or two on the air by the end of the next Taco's if the WX is on our side.
  Someone bring a florescent tube, we can make it light up.
  Later guys
  Mike aka KA2ZEV

"You are, what you do, when it counts"
The Masso
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