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> A Wall Street Journal reporter with (as far as I know) a reasonably level
> headed reputation has weighed in on Vista:
> I particularly note that he calls out that Vista will require a
> substantial PC upgrade, at least if you using its newer features.  It may
> be that the "home" edition Vista users won't be troubled by this, but I
> must say that, for our particular interests, the review was, on balance,
> discouraging.
> This is similar to other drumbeats I've heard, but I think this is a
> little better source.
> Me, I've never seen Vista live, in beta or any other time, so I really
> don't know.  And, worse, it seems to have about six flavors and, if I go
> by this source, with at least some having different burdens on the
> machine.
> Since PowerSDR is a "near real time" program, it just didn't look all that
> good from our perspective, even given how I yesterday justly praised how
> efficient it has become.  This is all about Windows' overhead.
> What do we really know about this?  I'm not likely to put Vista on my
> existing PCs anyway (I've always been a trailing adopter of Windows as far
> back as Win 95), but this suggests that XP should be the primary vehicle
> for Flexers for some time to come, _especially on PCs we already own_.
> At the least, we should think twice or thrice before upgrading an existing
> computer, if this review (and the other similar musings I've seen) is
> correct.
> I bring this up because, eventually, the Open Source team and/or Flex
> Radio may well have to take a position on this one.  There may even have
> to be different minimums for Vista versus XP.
> Or not?
> Larry  WO0Z
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