Wow, what a revolutionary new idea ...:-)

Frank Gentges metavox at
Thu Jan 25 08:51:44 CST 2007

When I was a young student of engineering, we had a whole hallway of 
labs where we would spend time analyzing various circuits.  No efforts 
were required on synthesizing a circuit from scratch such as flashing 
lights etc.

I must assume from this that the students at Berkley are shielded from 
such worldly matters as building circuits.  Now, along comes the IEEE 
questioning such a fence and even providing a grant of $2500 to 
encourage students to attack the university and and tear down the fence.

With the price of such labs, universities would rather teach such things 
as political science and discourage engineering departments from 
spending money on such expensive foolishness.  Computer simulations are 
much better and more cost effective.  Lab equipment quickly gets out of 
date and then more money is needed to replace it again.  Engineering 
schools are seen as being inefficient at producing graduates and efforts 
like the IEEE is seen as counterproductive.

This is nothing more than a well scripted effort by outsiders to poison 
young minds with vile thoughts.  Next thing you know, they will be 
trying to poison their minds with amateur radio.

Frank K0BRA

Andre Kesteloot wrote:
> An epiphany ???
> André N4ICK
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>> From the IEEE Bulletin
> 1. Students Create Hands-on Electrical Engineering Course
> During a late night study session, John Torous, chair of the IEEE 
> student branch at the University of California at Berkeley, had an 
> epiphany about creating a fun introductory electrical engineering 
> course. Read about the "IEEE Hands-on Electronics" course his branch 
> created at
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