AO-27 back on the air !

Andre Kesteloot andre.kesteloot at
Sat Jan 27 09:24:21 CST 2007

* AO-27 rejuvenated, back on the air: AMSAT News Service reports that AO-27
(EyeSat-1) <> has again been recovered and returned to
operation. Launched in September 1993, AO-27 has been listed as
non-operational. Michael Wyrick, N3UC, of the AO-27 command team told ANS
that after addressing problems with the microsat's AFSK modem, ground
controllers were able to upload operational software. The satellite has been
sending telemetry, and the analog transponder has been turned on again.
Under the current schedule, AO-27 is on during ascending (south-to-north)
passes at approximately 30 degrees north latitude, although it's impossible
to say when the satellite will be operational for a given location. An
initial 20 seconds of telemetry are followed by 5 minutes of analog repeater
operation. AO-27 then transmits another 60 seconds of telemetry before
shutting down. The satellite carries a Mode V/U FM repeater with the uplink
at 145.850 MHz and the downlink at 436.795 MHz. "Please keep in mind that
AO-27 is 13 years old and takes some work to keep going," Wyrick advised
users. Ground controllers are seeking help in logging telemetry from AO-27.
Visit the Logging AO-27 Telemetry page <> for

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