Seisms & Sferics

Frank Gentges fgentges at
Tue Jan 30 20:14:21 CST 2007

The sferics part seems to now be in a device called StormScope and 
multiple plots are probably combined for the input for the current map 

The microseisms are being watched by amateur seismologists but not used 
to detect hurricanes as far as I know.

I have a real nice seismometer detector and would like to set it up.  It 
needs a seismically quiet place and a nice outcropping of bedrock to 
place it on would be nice.  Finally, we would like a good broadband 
Internet connection so the real time data can be passed back to the 
house for processing and display.

For a good web page and info on the amateur seismic work go to

They have a news reflector if you are really interested in seeing the 
days thinking on all this.

Frank K0BRA

Nan and Sandy Sanders wrote:
> Found on the VLF list.
> Time DEC. 17 ,1945 
> the sferics part evolved to 
> I wonder if anything became of the seisms part?
>     Sandy
>     WB5MMB
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