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Terry Fox wb4jfi at knology.net
Thu Feb 1 17:50:40 CST 2007

Ahhh, forward progress, the MS way.  But, at least nobody could run stolen software or stolen media - probably because nobody can run anything at all!!


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On Tuesday I had to purchase my XYL, Pat, K7YAK and new computer. I discovered 
that Microsoft has not release XP, 2k or NT since the first part of December and 
all the machines that were shipped then had Vista installed for an initial release 
date of Jan 30, Tuesday!!!

Installation of the new computer was not without numerous troubles. Once the 
automatic installation of the pre-packaged software was complete and the machine 
rebooted, it discovered my internet connection and immediately started downloading 
security updates. 176 for Vista and 9 for MacAfee.

This all happened at the same time while trying to load the drivers for the camera 
it finally discovered. Needles to say, the updating had a conflict with each 
other and it appears that Microsoft won over, trashing the updates for McAffee.

Repeated attempts to update McAffee were unsuccessful. Since it is almost 
impossible to contact any human being at McAffe, I sent an email to the support 
folks at eMachines about this problem. Their short answer was to install the 
backup and recover disk and restore the machine to the original factory settings. 
Obviously they did not read my email.

Well, sometime on Wednesday morning, McAffee finally updated and is now working 
correctly -- I think.

I had to disable the firewall in both McAffee Security and Windows in order for it 
to connect to the internet and allow the machine to perform the necessary 
registration of all the installed software. The default was both firewalls 
enabled -- not a good thing.

There is a new security feature called User Control that is also enabled by 
default. This "feature" locks down the computer every time the user try's to run 
an application untill the user verifies that this is actually what they wanted to 
do. This feature is easily disabled, but it apepars that much of the older legacy 
software built for the 9.x platforms and some of the XP platforms are not going to 
run properly. My Dx4Win logging program rolls over and dies.

Vista also appear to have booted up on DHCP and hijacked the .100 address I had 
assigned to my Linux box and somehow or another it broadcasted this to my routing 
tables and now my Linux box will not connect to the internet because it indicates 
that the Vista machine is registered against that IP address although it is 
currently using .107.

I will now spend the rest of the evening breaking into the back door of Linux to 
disable my Display Manager chooser screen so I can get the box booted in single 
user mode so I can delete the routing files.

Fun, Fun, Fun!!!

Jeff Steinkamp - N7YG
Tucson, AZ
SCUD Missile Coordinates
N32-13-55.01 W110-50-51.91
Linux User #420428
Skype : jeff.steinkamp

A Smith and Wesson beats four aces.

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