Tom Azlin, N4ZPT n4zpt at
Sun Feb 4 11:51:27 CST 2007

Hi Hal.

My plan is to set up the Access Point on table E4 with a laptop there
running web and chat servers.  Then have my two ID-1s with laptops at a
couple other locations to demo the digital data mode.  I've also sent
out a note on the NoVA D-Star reflector inviting further participation.

I am not sure we can set up a digital voice repeater there but for sure
we can have a simplex D-Star DV network running there easy.  I will look
into getting antennas and such for running the DV module.

73, Tom Azlin n4zpt

hal feinstein wrote:
> I see that winterfest is scheduled for this month (feb) so its probably
> time to start
> gathering ideas.
> We might start thinking about what to put onto an AMRAD
> table besides the usual sale items.  Two technology things come to mind
> that people in the club seem interested in.  First,  software radio.  A
> couple of
> people have been building these so they might make a good display. The
> second
> is the DSTAR stuff.  The DSTAR people might want to build up a small
> network for Winterfest and make one of the nodes   our table.
> Too bad we don't have a mock up of AO-27! 
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