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Sun Feb 4 13:02:32 CST 2007

Tom, Hal, All,

We have a table in the lobby next to the front door.  We plan to setup 
and demo:

1.  Softrock
2.  SDR-IQ
3.  MiniVNA
4.  USRP/GNU radio

Another table inside will be used for sales.  The Softrock may have to 
go inside as so much stuff is coming together on the outside table.

We need some help at preparing some posters so people will know what 
they are looking at.

The USRP/GNU radio is Maitland's and he has the 1.2 GHz module on order 
with a UPS shipping number.  He would like to have some other 1.2 GHz 
radio to talk with.  Can someone put a poster together on Maitland's demo?


Tom Azlin, N4ZPT wrote:
> Hi Hal,
> - Table E4 is my D-Star demo.
>  At a minimum I was going to set up the 23cm Access Point we had at the
> Marathon and demo that with several ID-1s/laptops around the fest. If an
> AMRAD member has an ID-1 then set up a laptop and ID-1 at your table be
> part of the demo!   And we can run simplex D-Star digital voice to demo
> that mode.
> 73, Tom n4zpt
> hal feinstein wrote:
>> I see that winterfest is scheduled for this month (feb) so its probably
>> time to start
>> gathering ideas.
>> We might start thinking about what to put onto an AMRAD
>> table besides the usual sale items.  Two technology things come to mind
>> that people in the club seem interested in.  First,  software radio.  A
>> couple of
>> people have been building these so they might make a good display. The
>> second
>> is the DSTAR stuff.  The DSTAR people might want to build up a small
>> network for Winterfest and make one of the nodes   our table.
>> Too bad we don't have a mock up of AO-27! 
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